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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Once more, it's time for Dragoncon, the south's largest SF convention. I've heard a lot of estimates as to the number of people who turn out for this; 30,000 people seems to be the low end estimate. It's an entire city of geeks packed into a few square blocks of downtown Atlanta to wear costumes, drink, and generally feel like their true selves, escaping from the ordinary for a few days. The experience is sort of like Mardi Gras, with fewer breasts flashed and no particular rituals involving beads.

I'm participating in three official events at the con. First, on Friday at 5:30, I'll be taking part in Alethea Kontis's Traveling Road Show. It's her official reading slot, and since she didn't want to fill the whole hour alone, she's brought in buddies to help out. On Saturday night, I have a panel at 8:30pm called "Goblins, Minotaurs, and Elves, Oh My!" It's about writing non-human characters, a good topic for me given my experience with ex-wives. NO! Wait, that just slipped out. I meant, given my experience writing dragons. Then, finally, on Sunday, I have a reading at 2:30pm. Unlike Alethea, I'm being greedy and keeping the whole hour for myself.

I'm lugging along a very large stash of Dragon Age books. In a variation of my "Books for Breasts" campaign, I'll be doing an informal Books for Blood, where I'll be giving free books to anyone who gives blood at the Dragoncon Blood Drive then tracks me down at the panel or the readings with their little "I donated" label. And, of course, you can still get free copies of Dragonseed with a donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. (Look for the link near the top of the page.)

Next, I'm also participating in a promotion for Anthology Builder. This is a website where people can order custom made anthologies featuring only stories they want to read. It has an ever growing number of reprint stories available, including a few by me (I hope to have more available eventually.... some of the stories I most want to include are tied up waiting to appear in other anthologies and magazines at the moment). Nancy Fulda, who runs Anthology Builder, has given me 50 badges to hand out at Dragoncon. Send her a photo of you wearing your badge, and you qualify for a prize. Again, see the Anthology Builder website for more details.

I'm taking my laptop, so if I can find free wi-fi I'll post some photos from the con this weekend.

Next week, I plan to announce news here about the new novel I'm currently working on. I've got stories coming out in the next few months in three anthologies and one magazine. Also, there's news about my Dragon Age publisher, Solaris. I'm taking next week off from my day job. Who thought we would see the day when one reason you would look forward to a vacation was that it was a chance to update your blog?


Mr. Cavin said...

RE: "...the Team Dragon page to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. (Look for the link near the top of the page.)"

Is it me, or does this link not really take the clicker anywhere useful anymore? Do you need to update your functional time-line or something? I hope Team Dragon is back on track soon. It is much easier to squeeze money out of me than blood. Figuratively.

James Maxey said...

Good catch, Cavin! Apparently the team pages for 2009 races have been taken down, and aren't ready for next year yet. So, I've changed the link at the top of the page to a generic donation to the foundation. I'll update the header with the correct info.