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Friday, May 11, 2018

Victory: Lawless Book Three Roll Call!

I've finished my second draft of Victory! Twenty costumed adventurers battling to decide the fate of the moon! Action! Humor! Romance! This book is going to have it all. To whet your appetite, here's a list of the major players:
Lawful Legion Roll Call

Golden Victory – Super strength, super speed, invulnerability, enhanced senses. Real identity Simon Palmer, small town newspaper editor. Fights evil to follow the golden rule.

Retaliator – Martial arts expert and master detective. Real identity Eric Gray, attorney. Fights crime to solve the mystery of his father’s death.

Anyman – Can use his teleporter to transform into any member of the Lawful Legion. Real identity, Harper Li, inventor. Became a superhero to impress a waitress.

Doppelganger/Echo – Can create explosive clones by cutting off an arm. Real identity Valentine Summer, lottery winner. Joined the Legion to avenge her own death.

Big Ape – Half man, half ape, super strength and toughness. Real identity Harry Moreau, unemployed. Became a superhero because of limited job opportunities for man/ape hybrids.

Screaming Jenny – Can set things on fire by cussing at them. Real identity Jenny Sanchez, hacker. Fights crime because she was brainwashed to do so.

Nimble – Rubberized body, nearly indestructible. Real identity Niko North. Fights to avenge the death of her parents.

Atomahawk – Living atomic reactor wearing high tech armor. Real identity John Niache. Fights out of patriotic duty.

Blue Bee II – Enhanced strength, endurance, senses. Can communicate with bees. Real identity Honey Dunn, attorney. Started fighting crime after the first Blue Bee saved her life.

Smash Lass – Super strength, invulnerability. Real identity Mica Dyson, heiress. Joined the Legion to be a good role model for others.

Prodigy – Possesses the ability to learn any skill after seeing it done once, genius. Real identity Janice Vaughn, graduate student. Joined the legion because she felt it was the most logical use of her peerless intellect.

Arc – A living dynamo, lightning boots, enhanced vision. Real identity Roy Richmond, electrical engineer. Helped found the legion as a way to do the most good for the most people.

Lt. Laser – A being of coherent light. Real Identity Seymour Kemp, retired astronaut. Uses his powers in service to his country.

The Bad Guys

The Spectacular Spelunker – Stalactite gun, mole-dozer, cavemen. Real identity Ringo Phelps. Steals stuff because he likes stuff.

Chem Queen – Total control over body chemistry, ability to create exotic chemical compounds from elements at hand. Real identity Cherry Bloom. Eco-terrorist because she hates the corporations that poisoned her.
Heinrich Sterngeist – A former Nazi rocket man who stole a flying saucer he was studying at area 51 and built an alien empire. Seeks to cement galactic alliance by leading a united alien plan to take over the earth.

The Prime Mover – Tech genius, mob boss, master warlock. Real identity unknown. Doomsday afficianado.

The Four Horsemen of the Prime Mover:

War – A fallen angel possessing an alien mercenary outfitted with neutron star armor.

Pestilence – A cloud of virulent airborne diseases enclosed in a humanoid force field.

Famine – The ghost of an Irish peasant. His touch brings instant starvation.

Death – A demon possessing a futuristic android composed of self-replicating nanites. Can kill anyone instantly by saying their name. 
Coming soon!