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Friday, September 25, 2009

Fantasy Magazine Interview & Books for Breasts

First, a small update from my last post: I've finished two full drafts of my Halloween short story. I've been pulling some rough hours to get it done--I didn't go to bed last night until 5am. When my alarm went off this morning at 10, I felt like I'd been run over by a truck. The format of the contest keeps me from talking about the content of the story, but I feel free to say that it's a keeper. It's a real relief, since the last two short stories I worked on were duds that I never bothered to rewrite. They were competent tales, following formulas I thought I'd learned about crafting a good story, but I just didn't feel any spark while I was writing them. This story has spark.

Now the subject of my post: Fantasy Magazine has just posted an interview of yours truly by Catherine Bollinger, along with a review of Dragonseed by Cat Rambo. I did this interview back in late June or early July, and at the time thought it would go live in only a week or two, so in it I pitch the Books for Breasts campaign. If you've come here looking for information about it, alas, I wrapped up the campaign shortly after Dragoncon. I gave away a lot of my remaining copies there, both to people who contributed to the Koman foundation, as well as people who gave blood at the con. The Koman contribution page is down now; we wound up raising over $1,100. Between the campaign and Dragoncon promotions, I gave away about 70 books. I may relaunch the campaign next spring, depending on how generous the new owners of Solaris are with supplying me with free copies. The previous owners would mail me free cases of the book without batting an eye.

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