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I'm James Maxey, author of fantasy and science fiction. My novels include the science fantasy Bitterwood Saga (4 books) the Dragon Apocalypse Saga (4 books), numerous superhero novels including Nobody Gets the Girl and the Lawless series, the steampunk Oz sequel Bad Wizard, and my short story collections, There is No Wheel and Jagged Gate. This website is focused exclusively on writing. At my second blog, Jawbone of an Ass, I ramble through any random topic that springs to mind, occasionally touching on religion and politics and other subjects polite people are sensible enough not to discuss in public. If you'd like to get monthly updates on new releases, as well as preview chapters and free short stories, join my newsletter!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Full Nobody & Burn Baby Covers Revealed!

Hey, remember, like, a month ago when I mentioned I'd be revealing the full covers for Nobody Gets the Girl and Burn Baby Burn soon? Have I mentioned that time really flies when you're writing a book? I've spent the last month hunkered down in imagination land, reading out loud my latest superhero novel Cut Up Girl so that I could get it sent off to my agent. I had a good deal of editing to do, putting in new scenes and smoothing out continuity errors created by a few simple changes near the start of the novel. But, I emailed the manuscript to my agent a couple of days ago, so now I can do stuff like making a few posts to my sadly neglected blogs.

One irony of blogging is that I started these blogs to promote my writing back when I was still producing about one book every couple of years. Then, boom, my output of novels suddenly exploded, so that now I'm striving to write two novels a year. I have more work I need to promote, but when I get locked into a novel, my brain won't let me spend time on much else.

But, enough whining! Look at those awesome covers! I think the backs are actually my favorite parts. The legion of headless Sundays launching from Pangea, the terrifying eyes of Pit, the tubes of prisoners, and Baby Gun looming above the skyline, are all images from the novels that I think capture the blend of the surreal and pulpy that I'm aiming for in my work. Seriously, they're gorgeous. You should buy two copies of each book, just so you can display both the fronts and the backs on your shelves. (Okay, I'm probably the only one who will actually do that. But, still, buy the books. You know you want them! And if you don't there's some geek in your life who does. The world would be a kinder, gentler place if we all gave more books as gifts!)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Retro Nobody and Burn Baby Burn Covers Unveiled!

Behold, the new front covers for Nobody Gets the Girl and Burn Baby Burn from artist Jeremy Cavin. The covers have been designed with the new print versions in mind, so that when they are sitting next to each other on a table they combine to form one image. The covers are already uploaded to the ebook editions, but it may be next week before the physical books are available for shipping. When they're good to go, I'll show off the back covers of the books, which I think are just as awesome as the fronts!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Coming soon....

I've been working with ace artist Jeremy Cavin on new covers for my superhero books. Here's the blue line sketches to whet your appetites:

I should be ready for the full unveiling on Monday! Watch this space!