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Monday, December 8, 2008

A Little Bragging

I've got three bits of bragging to do.

First, the Intergalactic Medicine Show signing was a solid success. We sold out the anthology over the course of the night. Alas, I only sold one copy of Bitterwood; that's all the store could get their hands on, apparently. I see that Amazon has switched from "in stock" to "usually ships in 2-3 weeks." I was told that Solaris was about to order another printing; I guess this print run has almost sold out. Anyway, I could write more about the signing, but fellow signers Ed Schubert and Scott Roberts have both written about it on their blogs, so click on their names if you'd like to see photos, etc.

Second: I'm finally in a Best of the Year anthology! Rich Horton has selected my story "Silent as Dust" published in January at IGMS for inclusion in the Fantasy: Best of the Year 2009 anthology. You can read the full table of contents here. Until now, I've never even got an honorable mention in any "Best of" collection. Now I wish I'd written more short stories this year.

Finally: Dragonforge is on the long-list of nominees for the David Gemmell Legend Award. After Christmas, visitors to the website can vote on books on the long-list to determine which books wind up on the short list. The short list will then be judged by a panel of pros, and the winner announced next summer. While voting hasn't started, if you go now and sign up as a member of the site, you have a shot at winning all the titles on the long list. That's about 70 books; an impressive collection by any standard. After you sign up, you can discuss books in the forum. So, if you had a favorite--say perhaps a book about a lovesick dragon, a woman who was raised as a dragon, and a world-weary dragon-hunter--you could use the forum to tell folks how swell the book is.

I have no clue if I stand a shot at this thing. There are best selling authors on the list who will probably shoot to the top of the voting fairly quickly. Still, it's an honor just to be on the list.