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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yet more Dragoncon pictures

It's not well known that the Statue of Liberty has a younger sister.

Cardboard Stormtrooper.

Guy Gardner tickles Rich Sigfrit while the money Superwoman spent on modelling school pays off.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster touches Lou Anders with his noodley appendage.

Some weirdo in a pirate hat. We'll be seeing more of him in future posts!


Mr. Cavin said...

"...Statue of Liberty has a younger sister."

You've just made me laugh quite a lot, sir. And you look like Ben Franklin the Pirate. Might be the glasses. So did you go to the pirate party you were invited to along the darkened hallway? Honestly, if you didn't, it was because you had no idea how cool that was going to sound when you eventually read it in this comment.

James Maxey said...

Alas, while I was really tempted to go to the pirate party, it didn't start until 10pm on our third day of the con. By that point, we were dead on our feet, so we spent 10pm snoring in our beds. Also, earlier that day, I'd been able to 1: talk about the Mountain Goats with Pyr editor Lou Anders and 2: got to meet Dave Silverman, spokesman for American Atheists, who was actually featured in the infamous Elizabeth Dole "Godless" ad. It turns out he's Hildy Silverman's husband. I know Hildy from the con circuit; she actually used to work for Phobos Books, my first publisher. What a weirdly interconnected world we live in. Anyway, between meeting another Mountain Goats fan and meeting a man who truly is a card-carrying atheist (he gave me his card) and discussing politics with him, I figured I'd filled my quota for awesome con encounters for the day. I slept well.