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I'm James Maxey, author of fantasy and science fiction. My novels include the science fantasy Bitterwood Saga (4 books) the Dragon Apocalypse Saga (4 books), numerous superhero novels including Nobody Gets the Girl and the Lawless series, the steampunk Oz sequel Bad Wizard, and my short story collections, There is No Wheel and Jagged Gate. This website is focused exclusively on writing. At my second blog, Jawbone of an Ass, I ramble through any random topic that springs to mind, occasionally touching on religion and politics and other subjects polite people are sensible enough not to discuss in public. If you'd like to get monthly updates on new releases, as well as preview chapters and free short stories, join my newsletter!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

There is No Wheel FREE on Amazon

Today through Tuesday, my short story collection There is No Wheel is available FREE as an ebook via Amazon. If you've already read my novels and are looking for some more James Maxey fiction to carry you through until the June 26 release of Hush, now's your chance! It's free on Kindle (which basically means it's free on any device with an internet connection) by clicking here.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Balticon and ConCarolinas

It's been a busy spring, so I haven't gone to many cons lately. But, my long con drought is about to end in a couple of days, as I head to Baltimore for Balticon. It's my first time at this con, so I'm excited about meeting new people and spending at least a little time playing tourist in the city. I really want to pig out on blue crabs while I'm in town! If you're at the Con and want to join in a seafood quest, look me up.

Then, the following week, I'm off to ConCarolinas in Charlotte! CC consistently has some of the best programming of any con I attend, so I look forward to immersing myself in geekiness. Last year I was part of a conversation in a hall in which the merits of the various World of Warcraft podcasts were discussed. It's hard to get much geekier than that, but I'll try.

Finally, I've not posted much about the Dragon Apocalypse series in a while. Sorry! I moved recently, and between dealing with buying the house, renovating it, and moving in, not to mention writing the first draft of the third book of the series, Witchbreaker, I fear blogging has fallen into a low priority. But, Hush hits bookstores June 26, so starting next month I'll hopefully be carving out a bit more time to talk about the books. Whatever you're expecting the follow up to Greatshadow to be, I have a hunch that Hush will prove to be a surprise. Unless you're expecting a book with lots of action, humor, drama, and romance with an eclectic cast headed by a superpowered woman who enjoys punching dragons in the nose. 'Cause that's totally the book I wrote. Sorry for the spoilers.