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Monday, November 27, 2017

New Greatshadow Cover by Bridgit Connell

A few weeks ago I blogged about the pros and cons of selling books at conventions. One benefit I didn't mention is that you get to meet a lot of other creative types selling their wares in the tables near you. I learn a lot talking to other authors about their marketing and production processes, and I get to see a lot of amazing artwork in a fantastic range of styles that always gets me thinking about making changes to my covers. Meeting Mike "MEZ" Phillips at Oak City Comicon this year lead to a whole new range of covers for my superhero novels.  

A few months ago at the Greensboro Comicon, I sat a few tables away from an artist named Bridgit Connell. Her artwork caught my eye, but not because of dragons. She actually didn't have a single dragon on display that I saw during the con. What she did have was amazing skills with colors and a line style that was simple and expressive. It reminded me of P. Craig Russell blended with a touch of Kevin O'Neill. The best element of her style that stood out for me was that she knew how to capture a story in a single image. I got her contact information and started thinking about potential covers I might collaborate on with her in the future.

I'm now ready to unveil the first cover she's produced for me. I'm going to be announcing news about the Dragon Apocalypse universe this week, and revamping the existing covers was an important first step to laying the groundwork of future success. So, behold Book One of the Dragon Apocalypse: GREATSHADOW!

I won't have a new print edition of this book until early next year, probably in time for Oak City Comicon. But, if you want to grab the ebook, it's a steal at $3.99 on Amazon!

This is just the first bit of art from Bridgit I'll be unveiling this week, and also just the first bit of news. Tomorrow I'll reveal the Audible variant of this cover, and tease out a little more news about what's in store for this series.

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