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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There is No Wheel.... Wait! Yes, there is! And you can win one!

It's my great delight to announce that my short story collection, There is No Wheel, has just been published in a print edition by Spotlight Publishing. It's now available on Amazon. I originally self-published this collection as an ebook, and it's done pretty well to date in that format. But, I still have a fondness for actual paper books, so when Spotlight approached me about releasing a physical edition, my answer was an enthusiastic yes!

I got a few contributor copies out of the deal, so it's time for a giveaway! I've got three signed copies that I'm prepared to mail anywhere in the universe. This is a chance for all you Venusians to get your hands on some free fiction! Since this is a collection of short stories, all I ask is that, to enter the drawing, you submit a short story. Like, really, really short. Under one-hundred words, including title. If you give me permission, I'll post your story in a future blog post. All entries will go into a drawing for the free copies. I'll announce the winner September 7.

Email your entries to nobodynovelwriter (at) yahoo.com with the subject line, "Wheel Giveaway."

Good luck!


Darkond said...

I have a couple dozen short stories. But, they're all short because they're unfinished. Maybe I should cut out some detail and wrap one up.

James Maxey said...

Darkond, I encourage you to finish stories just on general principal. It can be a bad habit for a writer to develop an easy attitude toward walking away from what's been started. And, feel free to show me what you ocme up with, even though it's a bit too late for the contest. (I'm notifying the winners right now, and will be making a post about it within the hour.)