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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Burn Baby Burn, the possible cover, and a few thoughts.

So. I've written a complete first draft of a novel in the span of a week, starting Monday 7 am, finishing Sunday, 5:30 pm.

I really don't know if this is happy news, or terrifying news. I've kind of shattered my comfortable expectations of how much writing a person could reasonably accomplish and still be productive.

Can't really think about it right now. My mind is numb.

Whipped up the cover before I ever started, in case I self pub on Kindle. Any thoughts or criticisms?


Mr. Cavin said...

The book is mostly wonderful. It's so totally interesting to see this process from the absolute beginning. Thanks for including me like this. I am looking forward to seeing how the book changes and evolves in the next drafts.

Loren Eaton said...

I love the font on the cover. However, a little more contrast for the figure might be nice. Right now it kind of blends into the background a little. At least that's how it seems to my eye.

James Maxey said...

Thank you, Mr. Cavin. I know the book couldn't have been easy to navigate given all the typos and missing words. I haven't gone back to read it yet, but the few times I went back to check on some detail I needed to reference again, it looked like I hadn't gotten a single sentence out without some glitch. But, while the writing is pretty raw, I arrived at the end of this book feeling good about it. I'm really looking forward to reading it!

James Maxey said...

Thanks, Loren. I'd already cropped out the figure and darkened it some to pull it out of the background, but may need to do a little more. I may also be cropping the cover differently to make the figure and the text larger and have left of the flames in the backdrop. Or, I may include some sort of blurb above the figure. I'll play with the cover more when I finally get ready to publish.