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Friday, August 5, 2011

Hush, Second Draft, is Complete!

Well, the headline pretty much says it all. I just finished sending out the final chapters of the second draft of Hush. This draft weighs in at 103,121 words. It's likely to get longer; I've rounded out a lot of the characters in my mind during this draft and future drafts will reflect the additional backstories.

Before I start the third draft of Hush, I'm going to work on yet another book, the long-awaited sequal to Nobody Gets the Girl, tentatively titled Burn Baby Burn. Obviously, since I have a November deadline to turn in Hush, I can't take long to work on Burn Baby Burn. Which is why I'm intending to write an entire first draft in only a week, starting 7am Monday and finishing my midnight the following Sunday.

Burn Baby Burn isn't an epic. It's a short and sweet action novel about two supervillians out to destroy the world. I'm anticipating it being only 60k words long. If I write 10k words a day for six days, I'm golden.

I'll post progress reports here once I start. Stay tuned!

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