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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Seven Secrets of the Well-Dressed Hero

I've had a rough time starting Robo-Bobo this morning. He's sluggish in cold weather, I fear. But, I eventually jolted him to life with coffee and jumper cables, and he reached into the hat and drew the name:

Ruth Ann Francis!

Ruth Ann wins both the novel and the chapbook by entering this rather zen haiku:

I'm no good at Haikus so
I'll just enter now.

It's not superhero themed, true, but it's clever. It made me smile, as did many of the entries I recieved on a specific subtopic of the superhero life. For many of you, the definining element of the superhero proves to be: It's all about the costume.

I wracked my brain trying to think of some superteam that had something to do with tailors, but I drew a blank. The best I could come up with was the Loom Patrol, but that's such a dreadful pun I dare not reveal it to anyone. Forget you ever read it. So, without further ado:

Seven Secrets of the Well-Dressed Hero

Masks, gloves, and coifed hair
Skin-tight suits and blowing capes
super fashion soars

Wanted: Hero togs
Tights, Tiara, Gloves, Cape, Mask
of Darkness and Stars
--Krista Heoppner Leahy

Just what we needed:
Another front page story
In red underwear
--Jeremy Cavin

A hole in the rain
Fists bunched in black leather
One man duels the night

Signal in the sky
Cape, cowl, now it's time to fly
Up, up, and away!

The spandex and tights
are difficult to explain
at the laundromat.
--Allie Jones

Clad in tights and boots
I challenge the crimelords and...
Why all the laughter?
--Corey Redekop

And, while the title of this mini-antho would seem to limit me to the seven haiku already posted, I feel I can't close the book on costumes without this one last thought:

Cries for help? I'm... damn!
Where have all the phonebooths gone?
Agh! Curse you, cellphones!
--Marc Gascoigne

If your haiku hasn't been printed yet, don't despair! More are coming next week. And, everyone who has entered is still eligible for the next two drawings. Good luck!

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