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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Legion of Superpoems!

This week's winner is:

Zach Welhouse!

Zach had a haiku in the Young Heroes in Love collection, so he'll be getting a signed copy of Nobody Gets the Girl as well as the Final Flight of the Blue Bee chapbook.

I had a basic flaw in the contest in that I made the chapbooks bonuses for the contest to encourage people to submit haiku, but didn't actually require the haiku to enter. I suppose I could have rigged the drawings, but I played it fair, leaving it up to luck. So, I still have two chapbooks left. I'll give these away next week, drawing from among the haiku writers who've submitted to date.

This week, it's time to throw themes and caution to the wind and post the largest superhero haiku anthology yet. Seriously, I've googled, and if anyone has yet assembled a bigger superhero haiku collection that the one I'm about to post, I've yet to find it. I wonder if I should contact the Guiness Book of World Records?

My all time favorite superteam is Legion of Superheroes. Thus, I'm excited to present this week's collection:

The Legion of Superpoems!

We start with a second poem by Zach:

I walk through time:
get rich, end war, do it right.
Where are my Time Boots?

Mingyun Jack was also in the first anthology, but that wasn't his only notable entry:

a superhero:
because who else can battle
psychic gorillas

Lex Luthor's stolen
forty cakes - ten times four cakes
and that's terrible

Fellow IGMS author Eric James Stone reaches back to one of the earliest superheroes for his haiku:

Superhero of the Greeks
Had Achilles' heel.

And I have just one thing to say about this poem from Bruce Press: Spooon!

A mighty big cheese
saving the day in blue tights
not Clark, it's the TICK!

Benjamin seems to be getting into the spirit of things:

All bad guys BEWARE!
I'm lurking in the shadows
And soon I will pounce!

Nuno Fonseca gives us this seasonally appropriate entry:

They say October
Is the superhero month
But leaves do still fall

Cheryl Morgan sums up the plot lines of about a zillion comics:

Evil genius meets
Mild mannered alter ego
On comic book page

Internationally acclaimed blogger Mr. Cavin offered several entries, including this dynamic duo:

Is Antidise-
ism Man abolished?

What the...?!? Dr. Kill--
He's naked! Oh wait--heat beams
Come from the left eye.

Krista Hoeppner Leahy offers this useful advise:

Superhero tip:
To conceal identity,
think of names as masks.

J.F. Lewis, author of Staked, writes about what we all know we'd do with x-ray vision:

X-ray vision rocks
fear my voyeuristic side
wear lead underpants.

SF author Rick Novy gives us this simple truth:

What Superman can
give like nobody else can
Atomic Wedgie.

Samir Malak has a wall-crawling entry:

spider bites peter parker
friendly neighbor, swings

And we'll give the last word to Corey Redekop:

I yearn to fight crime.
My power? Penis laser!
So misunderstood.

Because, really, after that, what else is there to say?

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