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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hush 48918

I continue to eke out words at a pace well short of 10k despite my best efforts. But, I 'm trying to take comfort in the notion that quality does matter, and I feel like the last few chapters I've written have been much more polished than my typical first draft. Polished probably isn't the right word... developed is more on target. I'm having trouble shutting up my inner editor, which is costing me time, but I'm producing chapters that just feel more complete than my ordinarily sketchy first drafts. Hopefully this will result in a swifter second pass. And, I'm now on chapter 12, which doesn't suck for a book I just started six weeks ago.

Yet, I'm not content. I need a 15k week to come to me soon. Only then will I feel that the celestial clockwork is once again ticking as it should should.

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