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Monday, March 21, 2011

Greatshadow 27641

Ran out of time last night to post my weekly word count. Jonathan Oliver with Solaris had requested descriptions of protagonists, settings, and dragons for use on the covers of the three books I've sold at the middle of last week. I'd promised it to him by Monday morning, then completely forgot it until 6 oclock last night as I was sitting down to dinner with some friends. By the time I got it all written up, it was waaaaaay past my bed time.

Anyway, I obviously fell short of 10k last week. I wish I could point to some major life event as having snatched away my time, but, honestly, I felt like I put in the required butt in chair hours, but was just writing slow. I feel like I'm typing a lot of sentences and then immediately erasing them to type better ones. Better may seem, well, better, except it's too early in the draft still to be worried about the finer details of the prose. Still, this is one of the challenges of having a single POV narrator for a book. Stagger has a voice I built in the last book, and when I write something that doesn't sound like he would be saying it, it sets off sirens in my head.

Either I have to turn the sirens off, or I need to increase total butt in chair hours. I'm going to try a little of both this week and see if I can't get in more than 10k. Stay tuned.

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