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Monday, January 10, 2011

Jonah Knight's Album Now Available!

Jonah Knight is now streaming the six songs that compose the Nobody Gets the Girl soundrack on his website! Yay! I confess I may not be an objective judge, but I've been humming these tunes all week.

The six songs are:
I am Nobody
Free You All (a terrorist's lament)
No More Heroes
Hero with a Gun
The Ghost that Saves the Day

I keep going back and forth on favorites, but the lyrics sticking in my head tonight are from "No More Heroes:"

They burn the world until it all becomes the Gaza Strip
All the nations hope that someone else will deal with it
Without sacrifice your greatness is a dream
And when the tanks roll in, someone's gotta step up in between

There's no more heroes that I can see
So I guess it falls to me
Just another nobody
But it all comes down to me.

Very powerful lyrics tied to music that matches. Even if you haven't read the book, I promise you'll like, since the songs transcend the plot and characters and manage to illuminate the larger human condition, if I may be so bold. Check it out at jonahofthesea.com.


Kyle said...

I heard you on WUNC today. Very good show. I'm excited to read "Noby Gets the Girl". I have a few questions:
1) Will this book be released in other e-book formats? I have the B&N Nook and I'm not sure I can download the Kindle version.

2) I am an aspiring novelist. (My first book is in the editing process now.) I'm curious to know if you are in a writing group, or if you find them helpful.

3) What software do you use to write? There are several applications on the market that are targeted toward writers (like Writeway Pro), but I'm not sure which one (if any) are worth the money.

James Maxey said...

Hi, Kyle!

1. The book is available in a wide variety of formats at www.smashwords.com. This link http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/35639 should take you there, or just go to smashwords and search "James Maxey." That said, I do intend to eventually get around to putting the book on Barnes and Noble for the Nook. Just a year ago, the Nook was barely a ripple in the ebook field, but that really seemed to change over Christmas.

2: It's been years since I was part of a writing critique group. I did find them useful, though more for short stories than novels. Critique groups tend to critique chapter by chapter, and I really feel like you can't get useful feedback unless someone is reading the whole book. Still, even having small chunks critiqued can help you master your style and scene building.

3) I use Microsoft Word. I think it's pretty much the universal industry software at the moment.

I wouldn't waste money on any "writing" software. The organizational stuff like plot trees they offer are really things a writer needs to learn to do in his head. If your software can capture an "a" when you type an "a," "b" when you type "b," and so on, it does everything you really need it to do to write a novel. Every other skill involves programming your brain, not your computer.

Thanks again for dropping by!