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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Clockwork Jungle Book

Shimmer # 11 has just been released, a themed issue of steam-punk fairy tales collectively titled "The Clockwork Jungle Book." It's been a long time coming; I think I sent in my final manuscript exactly a year ago. But, Shimmer has a well-earned reputation as a top-notch zine that doesn't release anything until it's been polished to perfection. A quick glance at the impressive list of contributors testifies to the promise of this issue:

Shedding Skin; Or How the World Came to Be, by Jay Lake
The Jackdaw’s Wife, by Blake Hutchins
The Student and the Rats, by Jess Nevins
The Mechanical Aviary of Emperor Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar, by Shweta Narayan
Kay’s Box, by Marissa Lingen
Otto’s Elephant, by Vince Pendergast
The Monkey and the Butterfly, by Susannah Mandel
Message in a Bottle, by James Maxey
The Clockwork Cat’s Escape, by Gwynne Garfinkle
The Wolf and the Schoolmaster, by James L. Cambias
A Garden in Bloom, by Genevieve Valentine
And How His Audit Stands, by Lou Anders
The Story In Which Dog Dies, by Sara Genge
A Red One Cannot See, by Barbara A. Barnett
The Fishbowl, by Amal El-Mohtar
His Majesty’s Menagerie, by Chris Roberson
The Emperor’s Gift, by Rajan Khanna
The Clockwork Goat and the Smokestack Magi, by Peter M. Ball
The Giant and the Unicorn, by Alethea Kontis
Mockmouse, by Caleb Wilson

I'm ordering extra copies, and plan to do a giveaway to spread the goodness. If you can't wait, electronic copies can be ordered from the Shimmerzine website.


mand said...

Ooh! *delighted shudder*

I'm in the can't-wait category... BUT on the other hand i'm both penny-pinching and a slow reader, so i was putting off buying The Clockwork Jungle Book. And now i can wait - for your giveaway. ;0)

But would i have to be in the USA?

James Maxey said...


Glad you're delighted. I think I'll open this drawing to anyone, anywhere. The one reason I haven't announced details is that, right now, I don't actually have any copies in my hands. Once I get them, I'll announce the details of the drawing.

mand said...

Open to anyone - great. (Hoping no one else has read your blogpost. (Not that i hope no one reads your blog, i wouldn't wish that on you. (lol (aagh, thought i'd never use 'lol'...(too many parentheses, me?)))))