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Friday, December 28, 2018

Best Photos of the Year: Up Close

This year I logged over 1850 miles biking, hiking and kayaking, usually with Cheryl at my side, at least once she recovered from knee surgery at the beginning of the year. These are some of our favorite photos from the year. As befits the category title "Up Close," there are a fair number of selfies. The next post will be "Big Picture," and we won't look quite as obsessed with ourselves in those shots.  

I've been to "the Point" at Garden City a dozen times, but this was the first time I was there when the tide was low enough I saw all the sea urchins. 

Yes, this is a zoom lens, but we were still very close to this gator. He lives in a pond near Myrtle Beach and people obviously feed him scraps despite signs saying not to. In any case, he doesn't mind being photographed. 

Technically, we didn't actually get close for this photo. Probably 200 feet away with a zoom lens. But we were in a kayak. Getting something to focus at maximum zoom while you're bobbing on moving water is a challenge. 

It was a good year for beautiful spiders. 

We didn't have to go out into the wild to find this buck. He was just munching on leaves in someone's front yard. 

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James Maxey said...

I actually meant to post this on my non-writing blog, and didn't realize I somehow mixed them up. To check out the "big picture" part of this post, follow the link below.