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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

There is No Wheel Giveaway

March marks the first anniversary of the ebook edition of my short story collection There is No Wheel. To celebrate, I'm doing a Goodreads give-away for three copies of the trade paperback edition of the collection released a few months ago by Spotlight press. The drawing just went live a vew hours ago and 85 people have already entered, so hurry! The drawing ends on March 2, my birthday.

In other "Wheel" news, I've decided to enroll the ebook collection in the Kindle Select program. This means the ebook will only be carried on Amazon. Philosophically I'm opposed to limiting reader choices, but the reality is that this collection barely sells at all on Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble ebook buyers and Amazon ebook buyers have very different tastes in books. On Barnes and Noble, my top selling ebook title, hands down, is Bitterwood. Nobody Gets the Girl seldom sells more than one or two copies a month. On Amazon, Nobody Gets the Girl sells well, and my dragon books sometimes sit for days without moving a copy. Why this should be I can't guess.

Finally, as you may have noticed from the images above, I'm trying a new cover for the ebook edition of There is No Wheel. The abstract image of the swirling darkness will remain on the trade paperback edition for the time being, but I woke up this morning thinking about a different cover design, and it was either spend half the day playing with photoshop, or actually write some chapters of Witchbreaker.

If you'd like to enter the drawing for the trade paperback, click below:


Mr. Cavin said...

One: I like the new cover a hundred times more than the old one. It may be my favorite cover yet, actually. Two: I didn't know there was a trade paper version of this. Is it POD? Is there a link?

James Maxey said...

Mr. Cavin, the trade paperback is from Spotlight Press. They printed a small run initially, and when that is exhausted the book will be POD. If the new cover boosts the ebook sales, I'll see if they want to switch covers. You can find the book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, or order directly from the publisher at http://www.spotlight-publishing.com/there-is-no-wheel.

I'm glad you like the cover. I've already been informed that the snail isn't anatomically correct. You can't sneak anything past biologists.

Mr. Cavin said...

James: so what's wrong with the snail?

James Maxey said...

I've been informed that my snail is spiraling counter-clockwise, while all snails in the real world spiral clockwise. And, in fact, I have flipped the snail (and the belly) since I thought the cover looked good bleeding off to white on the right better than the left. I can't believe the cover wasn't even a day old before my fellow writer Patty Jenson told me the snail was backwards!

For what it's worth, I plan for it to stay backwards. It's a fiction collection, not a biology text book.

Mr. Cavin said...

She's looking in the mirror, right?

Barbara Younger said...

James, you probably know this, but you and Dr. Seuss share a birthday, which I think is way cool.

heresolong said...

As a writer you were probably aware that your blog post title suggested that there was no giveaway. Which would have been an interesting read. Hmmm, a blog post to announce that he isn't giving something away.

Well, either way, still enjoying your books and looking forward to reading the new series. Keep it up.