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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Buy, Baby, Buy!

Burn Baby Burn is now available on Kindle! Nook users, don't despair, the book has been uploaded to Barnes and Noble as well, and should go live in the next day or so.

Burn Baby Burn is my first real "indy" novel. While I'm still pursing a traditional publishing path for my fantasy novels, BBB is the first of what I hope will be a long run of fast paced, funny, and unapologetically geeky superhero novels that I'll be self-publishing as ebooks.

Burn Baby Burn is the product of long, long years of daydreaming. Perhaps something is wrong with my moral core, but for all my life any time I've walked into a bank, I've looked around and thought, "Man. This place would be so easy to rob if I had superpowers!" In this book, I bring my most felonious fantasies to life in a superpowered crime spree that threatens to end civilization as we know it. Of course, since it's a supervillain novel, you can count on superheroes showing up to try to save the day. The book is chock full of superhuman slugfests, mixed together with musings on life and death, hatred and love, and what kind of wisdom chimpanzees could offer if they wrote books. At the core of it all is a romance for the ages. I promise you will not be disappointed. A bargain at $4.99. You know you want it!


Darkond said...

My I suggest that, in the future, you recruit a cover artist from deviantArt. Cheap, high quality art there. A lot of people judge books by their covers these days.

James Maxey said...

Not a fan of this cover, huh?

Most of the feedback I've gotten on this cover has been fairly positive. One key is that I've designed it to be readable even when it's a 1/4" high in the "people who read this also read this" scroll on the Kindle store on a smart phone. Simple is key.

That said, I have reached out to artists in the past. On three different occasions I've queried artists whose work I liked and asked them if they would be interested in producing a cover for Bitterwood. One never responded, one said no, and one expressed interest but never produced anything. So far my experience with finding artists on the internet has about the same track record of back when I was trying to find dates on the internet...

James Maxey said...

One last comment: While I would love to find an artist to partner with on covers, I also enjoy the DYI aspect of indy publishing. It's fun to give my design skills a workout.

Devon Kappa said...

Is Burn Baby Burn going to be made available through Smashwords as well? I dislike buying Kindle books through Amazon (or Nook books through B&N) because of the DRM (unless you chose the non-DRM option when you published through Amazon). That being said, I enjoyed Nobody, and very much look forward to reading the new novel; I just want to avoid DRM if possible.

James Maxey said...

Devon, never let it be said I'm not customer service oriented. I just finished uploaded Burn Baby Burn to Smashwords. It's still in their conversion queue, but check tomorrow and it will probably be ready. Thanks!