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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hush 81123

The slog continued this week. I'm now firmly in the middle of chapter 19, and the end of the book is definitely in sight. I suspect I'll be wrapping up in Chapter 21 based on the number of big events remaining. There is a real possibility that this coming week will be the end of the first draft process, somewhere around the 90k mark. I don't have to write every last scene in the book at this stage, so some of the final scenes might hit the page just as summaries of what has to happen. Then, I can go back to the beginning and have two or three months to daydream about the climatic scene before I actually dive into writing it. The important thing is, now that the end is nigh, I'm discovering all the things I need to do early in the book to make the ending I've arrive at make sense. In fact, I'm discovering things I need to go back and put into Greatshadow to lay the groundwork for some of the plot twists I've decided on. Luckily, that book hasn't yet had it's final edits and it's still pretty easy to work in small bits of information that will have big payoffs later.

And, I hope to be blogging again tomorrow evening with some big news about the superhero aspect of my writing career. Tune in tomorrow!

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