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Friday, May 22, 2009


Earlier today, I posted a longish post about religion on this blog by mistake. Sorry. I meant to post it on my second blog, Jawbone of an Ass. I routinely discuss my radical views on religion, politics, and circus freaks there; this blog is meant solely to focus on my writing news, of which there's been depressingly little lately. There are many things on the horizon, but writing is a frustrating industry as far as speed of things unfolding. I've had news since, like, February regarding a new development with my Dragon Age books. But... here it is almost June, and I still don't have anything in writing, so I'm still sitting on the news, since until contracts are in my hand, nothing is solid.

If my publishers don't provide me with actual news to announce soon, I may start manufacturing some news. I do plan to hold a contest in June to give away copies of Dragonseed. Stay tuned.


ASSASSIN3 said...

When is the book published in the uk, have really enjoyed the 1st two

James Maxey said...

Assassin3, the book should be out any day now. I think the official release date is July 6, but stores sometimes get the books in advance, so it might be worth asking about at your local bookseller as early as next week. In any case, you don't have to wait long!

ASSASSIN3 said...

James, i eventually got a copy of DRAGONSEED. I had to order a copy from waterstones in NEWCASTLE .. ENGLAND.. WHEN it eventually arrived they had only ordered 1 (one) copy to sell ... mine. i know at least 4 other people who struggled to get copies, from bookshops . just thought i would let you know.. book spot on , by the way