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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here There Be Dragons

Here there be dragons... dragon poetry, that is. This week brings us eight little ditties, including the only lymerick sent in so far:

Misplaced Dragon

Prize-winning egg owner Mack
Was amazed when he saw the first crack.
He felt his heart quicken
Cried, "That ain't a chicken!"
And became a quick mid-morning snack.
--David Walton

We also have a little poem that looks as if it should be set to music--a good song to sing to keep your spirits up when you're hunting the vile beasties. I can just imagine Bitterwood himself humming it, if he were the sort of person that hummed:

Dragon Hunters

Too-loo, too-lay,
I killed a wyrm today
Too-lay, too-loo
I killed his babies, too.

With my brave horse Slim
And my best friend Jim
We rode to the mountains
To free a bunch of maidens.
The maidens weren't quite willing
To be freed by us two villains.
We had a good time killing,
We'll go again tomorrow, God-willing.

Too-loo, too-lay,
I killed a wyrm today
Too-lay, too-loo
I killed his babies, too.
--Scott Roberts

The last poem is the only poem I think I recieved where, in an encounter between dragon and men, the men win. A more typical outcome is captured in the following rhymed couplet:

Dragon wings smote the sky
Carnage remains from whence she rose
None left to watch her fly
Nor to tell what occurred below.
--Shawn Crawford

The dragons also win in the following haiku:

Beating leathery wings
A lord of the sky looks down
You're a tasty snack
--Christina Crooks

Scores of claw-scored trees
The town sighs tendrils of smoke
Here there be dragons
--Danielle Friedman

For some poets, the dragon is more than just a machine of carnage, however:

Under the mountain
Scales gleam with gemstone colours:
The dragon, sleeping.
--Brian Dolton

Gaze up in wonder
See the noble dragon soar
Truly Majestic
--Jeanette Jackson

Jeanette, you may recall, was last week's winner of the drawing.

Finally, we close with this haiku that seems like it would resonate especially well with one of the protagonists of Bitterwood and Dragonforge, Jandra. (She's the woman shown on the cover of the new book, a human raised by a dragon.)

We are all dragons.
The human heart, hot-blooded
breathes hidden fire.
--Krista Hoeppner Leahy

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