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Monday, September 7, 2009

90 Seconds at Dragoncon Saturday Niight

Okay, first off, this is very poor quality video, shot with my cell phone as I walked through the Marriot on Saturday night around 9pm. It's jerky, the lighting is crap. But, I think you can still get a sense of what the dominant Dragoncon experience is like: Lots of crowds and chaos and a tremendous amount of wonder. The video starts with Captain America taking a photograph of Flash and Catwoman. As I walk past them, I come upon a group of bondage bunnies. I then plunge into a completely dark hallway where I'm invited to a pirate party. I emerge to the sight of a fembot; just beyond is Wonder Woman. I make it to the elevator banks and scan back toward Wonder Woman and notice she standing next to Robby the Robot. I pan the crowd quickly, so you can get a sense of three levels of crowds, before I turn the camera off.

This would NOT be a good place to walk around on any sort of psychoactive drug.

More photos to come once I'm back home!

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