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Friday, January 14, 2011

State of Things Interview

Yesterday, I did my first ever in-studio radio interview, joining host Frank Stasio on the State of Things. I was nervous as hell, which is odd, since I speak to crowds at cons a half dozen time a year, and have been on the radio before. Of course, this was the first time I'd ever been on a radio show I actually listen too. For years, I've been listening to authors on the State of Things and thinking, "Why can't that be me on the radio?"

So, thanks to Jonah Knight releasing an album based on Nobody Gets the Girl, I finally had my chance to get on the air. Listening to the show last night, I thought it went pretty well. What I feared was directionless babbling spewing from my mouth actually proved to be a couple of interesting stories about writing the book. But, it's interesting just how completely on automatic pilot I was. When I went into the studio, I'd filled two pages of a notebook with snippets of things I wanted to make sure I worked into the conversation. Alas, I didn't even look at my notes once we were on air. The main thing I wish I'd worked in was a plug for my other books!

In any case, the appearance created the sales bump I'd been counting on, and by last night the e-book was reaching about 7,500 in the kindle store rankings, and going as high as 35 in the Graphic Novels, Superhero category (though, I know, it's not a graphic novel). Not bad for a seven year old book not backed by a major publisher.

If you want to hear Jonah and myself talking about the book and album, you can download the episode here.

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