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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Seven Serpent Scales

Seven Serpent Scales
a concise anthology
of dragon haiku

A child cries at night
Scale-rounded eyes pulse thinner
A new native tongue
--Michael Livingston

Hidden eyes like coal
Too late to warn, branches snap
Sharp teeth loose caged fire
--Danielle Friedman

Took my dragon to
school today. Nobody picked
on me. Wonder why.
--Rebecca Roland

itching hide is so
hard to scratch at with talons
I writhe, agonized
--Meg Stout

Green fields bring fat sheep,
Fat sheep catch the dragon's eye.
Fat dragon sleeps well.
-- Shaun Duke
Silver armor suits:
are molded well by dragon
hands into toothpicks.
-- Shaun Duke

Dragon-slayer's Hell:
Where he hunts without end, but
The wyrm dieth not.
--Eric James Stone
Thanks to everyone who contributed it a poem so far. I still have a few more poems I'll be posting next week. I'll be announcing the latest drawing winner Wednesday night, as well as an exciting development! And, don't forget, the drawing is going on all June. There's still time for you to enter if you haven't.

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