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I'm James Maxey, author of fantasy and science fiction. My novels include the science fantasy Bitterwood Saga (4 books) the Dragon Apocalypse Saga (4 books), numerous superhero novels including Nobody Gets the Girl and the Lawless series, the steampunk Oz sequel Bad Wizard, and my short story collections, There is No Wheel and Jagged Gate. This website is focused exclusively on writing. At my second blog, Jawbone of an Ass, I ramble through any random topic that springs to mind, occasionally touching on religion and politics and other subjects polite people are sensible enough not to discuss in public. If you'd like to get monthly updates on new releases, as well as preview chapters and free short stories, join my newsletter!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Coming Soon!

Hi. I'm James Maxey, a science fiction and fantasy author. I have two novels in print at the moment, the superhero novel Nobody Gets the Girl, and the dragon fantasy Bitterwood. Bitterwood stands alone as a complete story, but it's also an introduction to a larger world of prophets, angels, and dragons that will be explored in a series of novels set in the Dragon Age. The next book set in this world, Dragonforge, will be released in July 2008, with the third book, with the working title Dragonseed, coming in July 2009.

This blog will focus on all my fiction, as well as a few odds and ends like fantasy based recipes. Be on the lookout for Dragon Tongue Chili and Buffalo Angel Wings. I won't be making many posts immediately, alas. I'm currently closing in on a deadline for completing the first draft of Dragonseed, but as the Dragonforge release date approaches, the available content will rise dramatically.

Finally, I'm still doing my more rambling, general interest blog at jamesmaxey.blogspot.com. There I talk about pretty much anything that polite people aren't supposed to talk about, from politics to religion to circus freaks.


Gray Rinehart said...

Very nice, James. If I had some dragon art, I'd enter the contest! Best,
Gray Rinehart

Andrea said...

Hot dang James! I am so making this this weekend...