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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

CUT UP GIRL available for preorder!

My latest superhero novel, CUT UP GIRL, is available for preorder on Amazon! This is the first book in my LAWLESS series, set in a world where the greatest heroes of humanity have banded together to serve mankind as the Lawful Legion. Golden Victory! She-Devil! Atomahawk! Smash Lass! These legendary heroes have saved the world more times than can be counted.

LAWLESS will not be telling there stories. Instead, it will look at the superpowered characters who don't quite belong among the ranks of the A-list superheroes, characters whose powers are to weird or useless to make them great crime fighters. Or, maybe life has given you a great superpower, but no origin story that gives you a compelling reason to go out and risk your life to save others. Some people with super-strength will battle alien invaders. Others will have great careers moving furniture.

CUT UP GIRL is Valentine Summers. She can chop off an arm to create a perfect clone of herself. Her arm grows back instantly. Also, her clones are unstable and eventually explode. This isn't a superpower she particularly enjoys using, but when her best friend gets recruited into an outlaw band of vigilante superheroes known as the Red Line, she goes along to watch his back and finds herself swept up in a dangerous, violent war against super-powered drug lords. Then, her life gets even more complicated when her secret identity is revealed following a the release of a scandalous video made without her permission by a man she thought she loved. Now famous for all the wrong reasons, Valentine wants to start her life anew, but finds it difficult to put her past behind her. Just when it seems like things can't get any worse, the most dangerous supervillain she even put behind bars escapes and she has to suit up one more time to stop him. Can Valentine and her exploding clones stop the bad guy, save the city, and redeem her reputation? Probably not!

CUT UP GIRL will only be available as an ebook on Amazon, and will be released on January 19. The next book in the series, BIG APE, will be released in February, with the third book, VICTORY, heading out into the world no later than April.

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