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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Scenes from my time as Piedmont Laureate

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's a 18,000 word post...

There's a Red Monkey Tavern in Raleigh, decorated with monkeys and dragons. It's like eating inside one of my novels.

I saw my name in the paper a lot this year.
I mean, I do most years, but this year no crimes were alleged.

Novel fuel.

James Maxey named Piedmont Laureate! Hell freezes over.

Ghost bunny.

Ghost house.

I really should write more stories about giant bees.

I am, in fact, writing a story about hummingbirds.

Dragons in Raleigh!

The Tin Woodsman endorses Bad Wizard.

Talking about superheroes.

The only decent photo I've ever managed to take of the moon.

From Mordecai House. "Thinking of Thee!"

I sometimes think they only reason they make dolls is to provide props for haunted houses.

I was tickled to spot "The Mysteries of Udolfo." Jane Austen fans will know why.

While teaching my ghost story workshop, I managed to photograph a ghost. More or less.

If you want to catch light in a jar, bring a jar.

Burwell School, "Silent as Dust."

What I was wearing under my clothes my whole time as Laureate.
You'll never guess where I hid the big pencil.

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