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Monday, March 3, 2014

Retro Nobody and Burn Baby Burn Covers Unveiled!

Behold, the new front covers for Nobody Gets the Girl and Burn Baby Burn from artist Jeremy Cavin. The covers have been designed with the new print versions in mind, so that when they are sitting next to each other on a table they combine to form one image. The covers are already uploaded to the ebook editions, but it may be next week before the physical books are available for shipping. When they're good to go, I'll show off the back covers of the books, which I think are just as awesome as the fronts!


Anonymous said...

Looks cool. Where can i get more info about these books?

James Maxey said...

Hi Attic!

I see you do book reviews. I'd be happy to send you copies, either epub now or hardcopy when the paperbacks are live. Nobody Gets the Girl was actually my first published novel, ten years ago from Phobos Books. For the tenth anniversary, I'm releasing this updated version along with the sequel, Burn Baby Burn. The brief, brief summary of Nobody is a dude named Richard gets his life erased by a time machine. He's now a ghost in a world where he was never born, and the only people who can see him are the scientist who built the machine and the scientist's two superheroine daughters. Richard joins their superteam as an invisible, intangible spy code named Nobody. Adventure ensues.

In the sequel, two of the supervillains from the first book give up on the whole taking over the world thing and decide to just go rob some banks. They leave a long streak of murder and destruction in their wake as they try to evade the new team of superheroes that's been formed to stop them. It's a love story.

You can contact me at nobodynovelwriter(at)yahoo.com if you'd like copies. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Will do! Thanks!