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Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Bitterwood Ebook Covers

So, for about the fifth time, I've decided to revamp my Bitterwood series ebook covers. Ever since I designed the cover for Dawn of Dragons, I've felt that it didn't fit visually with the other books. Paying for new art by the same artist who did the original print Bitterwood covers was way too cost prohibitive, and looking for four related bits of affordable pre-made fantasy art that could be appropriate for all for books proved to be a pointless challenge. Believe me, I've looked at hundreds of fantasy covers on the "pre-made" sites. Sometimes, I'd see art that might be a good fit for Bitterwood, but I couldn't really use the same art four all four books.
The various editions of the covers I've made myself have all had elements I liked, but none really looked professional. I contented myself with the inferior covers because I figured, on Amazon and Barnes and Noble at least, if you search for Bitterwood or James Maxey, the first covers you see are the kick ass print edition covers. The fact the ebook covers weren't as good shouldn't matter, should it?
But, my peers at the Codexwriters' Group weren't impressed by my excuses, and their collective scorn for my previous covers has sent me back to photoshop once more. This time, I think I'm onto something:



Coming soon to an ebook supplier near you!