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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Burn Baby Burn now available in paperback!

One year ago, I released Burn Baby Burn: A Supervillain Novel as my first ever direct to ebook self-published project. While I've released other ebooks, they were all of previously published material. This was the first time I ever took the gamble of releasing an entire novel completely on my own. I was working entirely without the safety net of a traditional publisher.

I'm happy to report that the gamble paid off. Before the end of this year, BBB revenue will probably exceed the money I made on the advance for Nobody Gets the Girl, and, if the Nobody track record is anything to go by, will still be earning me income ten years from now.

But, any time I talk about the book at cons or when I'm teaching classes at the library, I always run into people who say they'd like to read the book but don't read ebooks. I've finally remedied that situation by doing my first ever self published trade paperback. If I may say so myself, the book is kind of gorgeous. I have over a decade of typesetting and design experience in my day job, so I was able to put together a professional looking package that, frankly, looks a heck of a lot cooler than the ebook since I was able to use better fonts and can control the look of each page, versus ebooks where the book looks different on every device it opens on.

I decided to keep the price on this project low for a trade paperback, a mere $8.99. It's got a real ISBN and everything, so you can go into any bookstore and order a copy, though you probably are unlikely to find it on the shelves since I lack the sales team of a "real" publisher. But, the book is already available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and in the Createspace e-store. For what it's worth, I get about a buck more in royalties from the last link, but know that a lot of people prefer to order lots of books at once from Amazon to get free shipping, so do what's best for your wallet.

If you feel lucky, I plan to do a Goodreads giveaway once the book shows up in their databanks. I also have three proof copies available if anyone would like one to review on the book site of their choice. These proof copies are slightly different from the final product... for one thing they have "proof" stamped on the last page, and I also changed the final body font to be a bit larger since my first font felt a tiny bit small to me. But, if you want one of these review copies, drop me a line at nobodynovelwriter@yahoo.com and I'll fling one your way.

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