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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tornado of Sparks... Free on Kindle!

Fans of the Bitterwood trilogy may not be aware that a short story featuring characters from the novels appeared in 2007 in the Solaris Book of New Fantasy. That anthology sold out and was never reprinted, nor was an ebook edition of the anthology ever released, meaning that the story, "Tornado of Sparks," has been stranded in limbo for years.

I'm happy to report that Tornado of Sparks is now available as a Kindle Select download for a mere 99 cents. What's more, the story will be available FREE on Amazon from October 1-3.

"Tornado of Sparks" is set fifteen years before war erupts between dragons and humans. The wizard dragon Vendevorex seeks a position in the court of the dragon-king Albekizan. In the course of demonstrating his powers to the king, Vendevorex discovers that the humans he just killed had an infant daughter, Jandra. Vendevorex is determined to deliver the baby to her only remaining relative, but his plans are complicated when the child winds up in the grasp of Zanzeroth, a dragon who hunts humans for sport.

This story is a perfect starting point for readers new to the Bitterwood trilogy. For readers who've already read the series, the story sheds new light on the early lives of many of the members of the core cast. Enjoy!


heresolong said...

Sigh. I hate having to grovel every time you release something new, just because I chose to buy the better reader from Barnes and Noble. I know you love all your fans but sometimes we just don't feel it.


James Maxey said...

Heresolong, I feel your pain. I hate leaving out any potential readers. But, the truth is that I make all my other fiction available on both Kindle and Nook, even though doing so keeps me from enlisting them in the Kindle Select program, costing me marketing opportunities on Amazon, as well as lending revenue. By starting Tornado in the program, I get to do stuff like list it for free and do other launch promotions, and can remove it from the program later. So, it's not that I don't love all my fans, it's just that Amazon fights a lot harder for my business than B&N does.

All this said, I'd be more than happy to email you a PDF of the story for free. Just drop me a line at nobodynovelwriter@yahoo.com. Thanks!

J. Edward Jr. said...

James you are the man.