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Monday, January 30, 2012

Dragon Sighted in Natural Habitat!

Cheryl's coworker Lisa Vlastellica spotted Greatshadow today on display at Quail Ridge Books on Wade Avenue in Raleigh and was kind enough to snap this photo. This is the first reported sighting of this book in its natural habitat of a book store.

As one might discern by looking at the photo closely, I'll be at Quail Ridge on Friday, February 10 to sign copies of Greatshadow. While the book is officially released tomorrow, I'm calling the tenth my book launch. There will be dragon cookies and possibly a cake with the book photo.

It's a relief to see the book in a bookstore at last. I've been a bundle of nerves all week about the release tomorrow. I started working on Greatshadow back in the summer of 2009. It both exciting, frightening, and a little surreal to know that the book is finally out in the world for readers to find.

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