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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Burn Baby Burn

Here's the plan: I have the next week off from work. I have no trips planned. Cheryl's going to be at work all week. I'll be alone most of the days.

So, I'm going to write an entire novel in one week. It's called Burn Baby Burn and it's the sequel to Nobody Gets the Girl. I intend to post each chapter here on my blog as I write it, completely raw and unedited, pure first draft stuff, solely for the purpose of keeping myself honest. Plus, there is the serious possibility that this project may crash and burn and take my sanity with it, and if I'm going to flame out in a spectacular fashion, I may as well do it publicly.

Yesterday while driving back from the beach I had Cheryl write up some note cards. I'm not making an official outline. Instead, I'll just keep jotting down ideas on cards and shuffling them into the sequence they need to appear in. This is the process I used to write Nobody Gets the Girl. That took 45 days. Of course, I was working full time while writing that book.

Previous attempts at writing a lot while on vacation have always been thwarted by the fact that, well, I was on vacation. It's tough to sit and crank out chapters when there's a beach across the road and fish biting in the creek out back.

The most I've ever written in a single day was 13,000 words. I also cranked over 10k in a day when I was writing the final chapters of Dragonseed. But, it's tough to write that much, because it's tough to daydream that much. Luckily, I've been daydreaming about this book for 8 years at this point. I have a lot of material already in my imagination buffers.

So, can I do it?

There's only one way to find out....

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