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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hush 75562

Very tough week. I spent the neccessary hours with butt-in-chair, and my energy levels have definitely improved now that I've started treatment for my thyroid condition. My low word count this week was mostly due to the sloggy nature of the chapters I'm working on. Both Greatshadow and Hush have a single point of view narrator. There are advantages to this in terms of voice and pacing, but massive drawbacks when you are plotting a book with multiple actors in different places. My challenge is that I'm now having to approach certain material from an oblique angle. My narrator doesn't know about or understand certain events that are unfolding, and the trick of having him pass on information the reader needs to know without having my character understand and act on this information is tricky stuff. I can't just bang it out like a fight scene, I have to carefully hide information in plain sight without it being to invisible to remember, but also not so obvious that I tip my hand to coming revelations.

Oh well. I'll try not to beat myself up over the 5000 words I didn't write, and try to be happy about the 5000 words that I did pull out of me. The end creepeth closer.


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