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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Year, New Story giveaway!

I finally have copies of Shimmer Number Eleven, the Clockwork Jungle Book. It's a themed issue of steampunk faerie tales; I posted the full table of contents here last week. My story, "Message in a Bottle," is about a Civil War era expedition to the moon that discovers a frozen city in a crater. Disembowelings soon follow.
This is actually the only story I sold in 2008 that is making it to print in 2009. Two anthologies slated for this year have pushed back to next year, and the superhero anthology With Great Power, edited by Lou Anders, is also due out in 2010. Since IGMS is also publishing "Return to Sender" next year, plus German and French editions of Bitterwood seeing print, 2010 is shaping up to be a busy year for me.
To celebrate, I've set aside two copies of Shimmer #11 to give away for free in a drawing on January 1, 2010. While Shimmer is technically a magazine, this issue is perfect bound, with twenty stories, and is more like a paperback anthology. With it's handsome cover, it will look nice on your bookshelf. One might even consider framing it and hanging it in a place of honor among your family photos.
To enter the drawing, just email me at nobodynovelwriter (at) yahoo.com with the subject line "Shimmer Giveaway." The drawing is open to anyone anywhere. I'll sign the copies on my story page as an added bonus. Good luck!

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